We made it to Bangkok! Here's a glimpse of the journey...

Cole, Hannah, and Michael leaving the Birmingham airport at 7 am central time on Monday. 
We would reach Bangkok at 11 am central time on Tuesday. 
Bangkok is 12 hours ahead, so when America gets ready for work in the morning, Thailand gets ready for bedtime.

In the Dallas airport. Our flight to Tokyo was delayed almost an hour and a half, so when we got to Tokyo we had to almost run to catch our connecting flight to Bangkok.

Everyone ready to get to Tokyo. We joke that Michael blends right in. 

Flying over Alaska!

Almost to Japan.

At the Tokyo Narita Airport. This was our flight to Thailand, and we all agreed the Japanese plane was WAY nicer than the American ones. 

Tokyo! An agent was there to point us in the right direction. It was kind of creepy; she had each of our names on a clipboard and had Jacob and Alyssa's boarding passes. We ran to security and caught our connecting flight!

Dinner as served by Japan Airlines. 

Unfortunately, we didn't catch pictures from our arrival at the Bangkok airport. We were greeted by about 20 adults and students from the RCC Christian Student Center, where we stay and work. Thai people are so gracious and friendly! They put homemade leis around our necks (made from orchids) and took our suitcases to the truck for us. 

Settling in at RCC...

Alyssa and Hannah's room

Cole, Michael, and Jacob's room, which they share with two guys who live at RCC.

We are fascinated by the bathrooms! 
There is no "shower" or shower curtain. You just use the whole room as a shower. And there is also no toilet paper. We squirt water to clean, because Thai people see it as more sanitary. 

Our reading room.

Advertisement outside RCC, letting people know that LST is offering free English lessons.

Dropping our shoes at the door outside RCC.

The Ramkhamhaeng Christian Center! (RCC)

Bottom floor: kitchen and meeting room
Second floor: office
Third floor: reading room
Fourth floor: Boys room
Fifth floor: girls room. 
We're getting our exercise up and down the stairs! 
But we love RCC and its people already. They are a family, OUR family, in Christ, and that's exactly how it feels. We hang out downstairs together, have morning devotionals together (the singing is amazing), and eat dinner together on the streets. 
We love it!
More to come...

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