We see the face of Jesus in a 15 year old named Tan.

Tan hasn't been in school for the last 2 years. Instead, he helps his mom at her restaurant across the street from RCC. Watching students come and go, Tan had been curious about what RCC is about, but he didn't come around much. A few weeks ago, though, he crossed the street! Thank God for prompting Tan to cross the street!

When we met Tan, he did not speak a single word of English. He came in to hang out with the RCC students and ended up staying for our Wednesday devo. I don't know what Tan sees in the RCC/LST Christians, but he's stuck around! Only the love of God is strong enough to speak that loudly. We don't even know each others' language, but Tan is so attracted to the Spirit here.

Tan's joy is so contagious! He is a friendly, loving spirit. He craves English because he wants to talk to us. He's already learned several words and phrases! Tan eats dinner with us often and escorts us around the city. He came to church with us all day last Sunday, and then after riding back with us in the taxi, surprised us with loafs of yummy bread because he wanted to pay us back.

Tan knows God's love.

Saturday, the LST/RCC family helped two ladies with yardwork and organization, and Tan came along and served next to us.

Our friend P'Aka has been talking with Tan about our faith. Tan wants to be a part of this. Right now, he feels like he cannot be a Christian because he gets in trouble sometimes for smoking and fighting, and he knows Christians don't do that.

PLEASE pray for Tan. Pray that he sticks around RCC, NOT so he can learn a bunch of rules that Christians do and don't do. But so he can learn that Christians are messed up people in need of a gracious Savior. Pray that Tan's heart stays open. Pray for the people that surround Him. Pray for our actions to speak louder than words.

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