Update: Tan!

If you haven't already read about Tan, scroll down! Find the post about him in the July archive, read it, and then come back! Go!

Where I left off, Tan had begun to study the Bible with P'Aka and was becoming increasingly involved and interested. He also studied English and was SO excited when he learned to tell us things like "Good morning!" and "See you later."  

After seeing Harry Potter with us, Tan ran over, and we showed a thumbs up and asked him if he liked the movie. Tan nodded and said, "Good job. Good job."  We still laugh about that. 

Tan also went with us to English camp at Cha-Am beach! It was great to spend the whole weekend with him and get to know his HUGE personality. 


Tan is now our brother in Christ! We are SO EXCITED! He learned what following Christ looks like, and he knows it is a narrow road and it's a journey of learning to carry his cross. He wants it. He wants Jesus. On the last Sunday before we came home, we had the great honor of watching our friend Tan be baptized. It was the greatest way our time in Thailand could have ended. 


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